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Revitalising Brighton & Hove’s Hospitality: Hotel Refurbishments by Prestige

Brighton & Hove’s bustling promenades, regency townhouses, and iconic pier make it a beloved destination for tourists. With this inflow of visitors, it’s crucial for hotels to stay modern, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Enter Prestige Property Improvements, the leading name in hotel refurbishments.

Why Refurbish? The Changing Face of Hospitality

The hotel industry is ever-evolving. What was trendy a decade ago might now seem outdated. Regular refurbishments ensure:

  • Guest Satisfaction: A fresh, modern environment enhances the guest experience, leading to better reviews and repeat business.
  • Competitive Edge: In a saturated market, renovated premises can set a hotel apart, attracting more bookings.

Prestige’s Approach to Refurbishments

Our approach is comprehensive, tailored, and always with a touch of Brighton & Hove’s unique charm.

  • Local Inspiration: We ensure our refurbishments capture the essence of Brighton & Hove, be it through seaside-themed decors or nods to its regency past.
  • Eco-conscious Choices: Sustainability is at the forefront of our operations. We choose materials and practices that are kinder to the planet.
Incorporating Modern Amenities

Modern travellers demand modern amenities. Our refurbishments focus on:

  • Tech Integration: This includes high-speed Wi-Fi, smart TVs, and digital concierge services.
  • Health and Wellness: Contemporary gym facilities, spa amenities, and wellness areas to cater to the health-conscious traveller.
Design & Décor: A Balance of Elegance and Comfort

A refurbished hotel should be visually appealing but also supremely comfortable.

  • Space Optimisation: Maximising space while ensuring rooms and lobbies feel airy and open.
  • Local Art: Collaborating with local artists and craftsmen, infusing the décor with Brighton & Hove’s artistic spirit.

Safety & Regulations: A Paramount Concern

Every hotel refurbishment project we undertake meets the latest safety standards.

  • Compliance: Adhering to local construction and safety regulations to ensure the well-being of guests and staff.
  • Modern Safety Systems: Integrating advanced fire alarm systems, security systems, and accessibility features.

A Reimagined Hospitality Experience

Hotel refurbishments are more than just a facelift; they represent a commitment to excellence, guest satisfaction, and staying current. With Prestige Property Improvements at the helm of your refurbishment project, your hotel in Brighton & Hove is bound to shine brighter than ever.

For hoteliers looking to make a mark in a competitive landscape, the choice is clear: embrace change, and let Prestige lead the way.

Hotel refurbishment is vital for several reasons: Guest Expectations: To maintain a high standard that meets guest expectations and ensures positive reviews and repeat business. Competitive Edge: Regular upgrades can give a hotel a competitive edge in the market, attracting new clientele and justifying rate increases. Operational Efficiency: Refurbishment can also involve upgrading systems and equipment, leading to operational cost savings and improved efficiency. Compliance and Safety: Over time, building codes, safety standards, and accessibility requirements may change. Regular refurbishments ensure compliance with the latest regulations. Typically, major hotel refurbishments are carried out every 7-15 years, with minor updates every 3-5 years. However, the frequency depends on the hotel's wear and tear, guest feedback, and industry trends.

Refurbishing a hotel without closing it entirely presents several challenges: Guest Disruption: Noise, dust, and disruption can affect the guest experience. It's vital to ensure guests are informed beforehand, and disturbances are kept to a minimum. Operational Constraints: Areas like the lobby, restaurant, or certain room blocks may be temporarily inaccessible, which requires logistical planning to maintain service standards. Safety Concerns: Construction zones should be clearly demarcated and secured to ensure the safety of guests and staff. Extended Timelines: Refurbishing while operational might extend the project duration since work might be limited to certain hours or days to accommodate guests.

Effective communication is crucial to mitigate any negative guest perceptions: Advance Notice: Clearly communicate on the hotel's website, booking platforms, and confirmation emails about the ongoing refurbishment, its scope, and expected completion date. Highlight Benefits: Emphasize the improvements and upgrades that will enhance the guest experience once the refurbishment is completed. Offer Incentives: Consider offering special rates, complimentary services, or other incentives as a gesture of goodwill for any inconvenience caused. Guest Services: Train the front desk and guest services staff to address queries or concerns, provide alternative solutions when necessary, and ensure guests feel valued despite the disruptions. Transparency and proactive communication can go a long way in maintaining guest trust and satisfaction during a refurbishment phase.



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