LABC warranty

A Seal of Trust: LABC Warranty with Prestige Property Improvements

The Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Warranty is more than just a guarantee. It’s a mark of construction quality, ensuring homeowners that their property meets rigorous building standards. Affiliated with local council building controls, this warranty offers peace of mind for Brighton & Hove residents.

Why an LABC Warranty is Essential

  1. Protection Against Defects: Should any structural issues arise within the warranty period, homeowners can rest assured that they’re covered.

  2. Mortgage Lender Approval: Many lenders require a warranty, like the LABC Warranty, to approve a mortgage on new builds or conversions.

  3. Increased Property Value: Homes backed by a robust warranty often appeal more to potential buyers, ensuring a better return on investment.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: It assures that the property aligns with local building regulations and standards.

What’s Covered under the LABC Warranty?

While it’s essential to consult the specific terms, typical coverage includes:

  1. Structural Security: Addressing major defects in walls, roofs, and foundations.

  2. Weatherproofing: Protection against water ingress due to construction faults.

  3. Drainage Issues: Ensuring the proper functioning of drains and sewage systems.

  4. Fire Protection: Ensuring that fire protection measures are up to standard.

Why Choose Prestige Property Improvements for Your LABC Warranty?

  • Reputable Partnership: As partners with LABC Warranty, we uphold the highest standards in every project.
  • Smooth Process: Our collaboration with LABC means a streamlined approval process, reducing potential build delays.
  • Expertise and Experience: Our team’s vast experience ensures each project adheres to the rigorous criteria set by LABC.

LABC Warranty: A Long-Term Investment for Brighton & Hove Homes

Choosing Prestige Property Improvements isn’t just about present-day renovations or constructions. It’s about safeguarding the future. Our commitment to quality, backed by the LABC Warranty, promises Brighton & Hove homeowners a legacy of safety, quality, and excellence.



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The LABC Warranty provides structural warranty insurance for new homes, conversions, and refurbishments, ensuring they're built to defined technical standards. It covers major structural defects for a period, typically 10 years, from the completion of the property. While standard home insurance covers risks like fire, theft, or flood damage, the LABC Warranty specifically addresses defects in the design, workmanship, materials, or components of the building.

An LABC Warranty offers several benefits: Peace of Mind: It assures homeowners that their property meets strict technical standards, reducing the risk of structural issues in the future. Mortgage Lender Approval: Many mortgage lenders in the UK require a structural warranty (like the LABC Warranty) before lending on newly built or converted properties. Risk Management: The LABC Warranty inspection service helps developers manage risk by ensuring the construction meets quality standards, reducing potential claims. Resale Value: When selling within the warranty period, having an LABC Warranty can enhance the property's attractiveness to potential buyers.

If you suspect a structural defect covered by your LABC Warranty: Immediate Action: First, ensure the safety of all occupants. If there's an imminent danger, evacuate the property and contact relevant emergency services. Notify LABC Warranty: Report the issue to LABC Warranty as soon as possible, ideally in writing, detailing the nature of the defect and providing any supporting evidence, such as photos. Inspection: LABC Warranty may arrange an inspection of the property to assess the defect. Claim Processing: If the defect is deemed covered under the warranty, LABC Warranty will guide you through the next steps, which could include repair or compensation. It's essential to regularly review your warranty documentation to understand what's covered, any maintenance obligations, and claim procedures.