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Brighton & Hove, a coastal gem in East Sussex, marries the charm of historic architecture with the vibrancy of contemporary lifestyles. At the heart of such a blend is the complex web of electrics that keeps homes and establishments illuminated, connected, and modernised. Prestige Property Improvements, as a beacon of quality in the realm of home improvements, recognises the paramount importance of professional and precise electrical solutions.

The Electrics Landscape Today

Powering Smart Homes: As technology takes a leap forward, homes in Brighton & Hove are becoming smarter. Automated lighting, heating systems, and security setups require sophisticated electrical frameworks.

Energy Efficiency: With the spotlight on sustainability, modern electrics also focus on energy-efficient solutions. From LED lighting to systems that minimise wastage, the new-age electrical setup is as green as it is powerful.

Brighton & Hove’s Unique Electrical Needs

Conservation Meets Contemporary: Many homes in this region have a historical significance. Integrating modern electrics without compromising the building’s integrity is an art. It demands respect for heritage and an understanding of modern technology.

Coastal Considerations: Being by the sea, Brighton & Hove properties have unique electrical considerations, from battling saline air to ensuring installations can withstand coastal weather variations.

Why Elect Prestige Property Improvements for Your Electrics?

Expert Electricians: Our team is not just qualified; they bring a wealth of experience. They understand the nuances of Brighton & Hove homes and provide solutions that are both efficient and effective.

Safety First: Electrics is not just about powering a home but ensuring it’s safe. We prioritise safety, ensuring every installation or repair meets the highest standards.

Tailored Solutions: We recognise that every property is different. Whether it’s a sea-facing apartment or a historic townhouse, our solutions are bespoke, matching the unique needs of every residence.

Electrical work is the unseen hero of a comfortable, modern home. It’s the pulse that ensures the lights come on, the kettle brews your morning tea, and the heaters warm your nights. In a place as unique as Brighton & Hove, it’s essential to choose an expert who understands local nuances. With Prestige Property Improvements, you’re opting for quality, safety, and bespoke electrical solutions.



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It's recommended to have your home's electrical system inspected at least every 10 years for owner-occupied properties and every 5 years for rented properties or upon change of tenancy. However, if you notice any unusual signs, like flickering lights, frequent tripping of circuit breakers, or discoloured sockets, you should seek an inspection sooner. Regular inspections by a certified electrician ensure that the system remains safe and up to date with current regulations.

While some homeowners might feel confident in performing minor tasks, such as changing a light bulb or a switch plate, most electrical work should be left to professionals due to the risks involved. Mistakes in electrical repairs can lead to fires, electrical shocks, or further damage to the electrical system. It's always advisable to hire a certified electrician for electrical work, both for safety reasons and to ensure that the job complies with local regulations and standards.

Flickering lights can occur when a high-powered appliance, like an air conditioner or washing machine, is switched on because these appliances draw a significant amount of current when starting up. This can cause a brief drop in voltage, resulting in the flickering of lights. While occasional flickering might not be a cause for concern, consistent or prolonged flickering can indicate an overloaded circuit, undersized wiring, or other electrical issues. If you notice frequent flickering, it's wise to consult with an electrician to assess the situation and recommend solutions.